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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Problems of public schooling in America

Disregarding the fact that more public schools are becoming more and more segregated based on income, public schools still face an epidemic of horrible leadership. Everyday, more and more stories come out like this one:


The girl in this case was said to be afraid to defend herself because she didn't want to get in trouble. How backwards is this, you are getting beat up and your bus driver is doing little to help, yet you are afraid to defend yourself. Parents, we need to teach our children that self-defense is necessary. If my child ever got in trouble for defending him or herself, I would march right down to the principals office and make myself a permanent fixture until he realized his incompetence.

My little brother has been a victim of incompetence of public school leadership. He was actually told by one teacher to "thicken his skin" to the constant insults. We are not talking kiddie stuff here either, this was mean and vindictive, intended to break him. It did, he became horribly depressed and began doing things that I don't think he would wish me to speak about.

Bottom Line: The public school system becomes more of a farce every day. I say get rid of it, get rid of all the taxes we pay on this farce and let private schools take over. This type of filth would not be tolerated in a competitive enivironment.

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